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"Mother Bear" by E. J. Klepinger
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It's Natural

When I was a small boy, I grew up in the mountains of Colorado where I developed a strong love for nature. My fascination with animals, in particular, inspired my artistic side at a very young age.

As an adult, my appreciation for the natural world has only grown, and my desire to celebrate its beauty through my art has become my passion. I love different forms of artistic expression, including pen and ink, dry pastel and acrylic paint, and I use my photography as my source material in most cases.

I believe that all life has a spirit, a soul, which I attempt to convey through my art. I wish to inspire you, my viewer, to see the beauty that I see, and to appreciate the world that is around us. My goal is to capture the energy that flows through the nature, if only for a moment, so you can feel as connected as I do.

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