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"Magic" by E. J. Klepinger
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Your Animal Guide

Whether it's called your Power Animal, Animal Totem, Animal Medicine, or any other number of labels, nature and animals guide us every day, if we choose to be aware. Animal guides can come and go within us, and some represent the root of our spirit -- the primary guardian to our heart. Each is very powerful in its own way and has nothing to do with size or what we perceive as physical strength.

I have been blessed with the ability to sense a person's animal guide, whether I am with them or not. After a short exploration of who you are, I begin to see a picture form, and usually your animal guide will step forth, though we are often guided by many.

Artistic Awakening to Your Animal Guide


  • A brief phone or in person discussion about you
  • Revelation of your Animal Guide
  • A discusson around its meaning as it relates to you
  • A signed artistic animal energy sketch that I will give you in person, or it will be mailed to you (within the U.S.)

Introductory price of $44 (plus $10 for shipping and handling within the U.S.)


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